At the estate, we made the decision to work the soil using the horse
since 2010 to contribute to the well-being of the earth.

We believe that the horse is a key element in maintaining a natural balance in the vineyards. It allows you to work the soil in a gentle and respectful way, without using heavy machinery that can cause significant damage.

We are able to create a unique link with the elements that make up our terroir.

The horse allows us to connect directly to the chalk, to the mineral substrate of our vineyard, which is essential to the quality of the grapes and the wine produced.

In many civilizations, the horse is a sacred animal,
non-predatory and contributing to social and spiritual balance.

In addition, by using horses to work the soil, we are able to promote the growth of the endemic flora that is present in the vines and contribute to the biodiversity of our vineyard.

This maintains a natural ecological balance that is favorable to the growth of the vine and the production of quality grapes.

Finally, by using the horse to work the soil, we are able to create a link with the fauna and the inhabitants of our region.
This allows us to connect directly to our environment and to work responsibly and respectfully for people and nature.

In short, by using the horse to work the soil,
we seek to maintain an ecological balance
and to promote the quality of our wine by working in a respectful and sustainable manner.

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